Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Montessori Materials

My sons school received a huge grant for the Montessori Classrooms for new classroom materials. Very exciting news for the teachers specially my sons teacher who has very old materials.
I spent about 4 hours last night helping her pack up her room for the summer. As we were packing she mentioned how she was going to get rid of her old materials that she was replacing. I quickly asked her if I could have them!

I am so excited and blessed to have received these materials. It is my dream to one day have my own Montessori Classroom. For now, I will use them with my children. They will be attending Montessori School half days so this will be great to have at home to continue their learning for the afternoons and summer learning.

Knobless Cylinders - she said the blue box is missing one cylinder. I have not checked. A little worn.

Land and Water Globe - It comes off its stand

Continents Globe - It comes off its stand.

The Maps - all have missing pieces. I read this post about another mom who fixed a puzzle with a missing piece, missing knobs, and chipped so we'll see what I can do. Here is a few maps. She gave me all her maps except for the USA Map which was new.

The land and water forms. Some paint chipped but other than that...great. I plan to paint the part where you put water blue. To me, the brown seems confusing.

This very cool memory game.

The Color Box 1, 2 and 3 - Not sure if complete. I have not looked at this closely

These wonderful cards for bead lacing. I just need to purchase the beads.


Montessori Moments said...

WOW, you sure are blessed!
I am sure it will all come in handy for you!

Alycia in Va. said...

a good deal indeed. You're on your way to your own school sure enough.

Maria said...

A start...

Amber said...

What a wonderful gift! I hope to blog about how I have 'repaired' my old maps as someone else did ask also... hopefully in the next week or 2 :)

pattyannie said...

You can order replacement map pieces from Boston Materials Company.

Gigi said...

Thank you! I kept thinking they had to have replacement parts but I have not had time to research this!

Karen said...

Wow!!! Que bendición!!!! Felicidades!!! y muuuucho éxito!!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where your son's school received their materials grant from? My daughter's montessori school is thinking of opening a spanish immersion children's house and would need to purchase new materials. Your help is appreciated!