Sunday, June 7, 2009

Montessori Training this week

I will be in training all week long so I will not be posting Monday-Friday.

I thought I would share with you the books I am reading currently. Since I am only teaching 2 classes over each summer session, I get to read A LOT!!! I love it!

Living Liturgy Elementary Reflections, Sofia Cavalletti - a book to help adults who catechize children understand for themselves the deepest, most essential aspects of the liturgy. I am also looking for a curriculum to teach the kids about the Catholic faith. Anyone have any suggestions?

Punished by Rewards, Alfie Kohn - I got this book after a debate at a birthday party this weekend
with Mom's that think that behavioral charts posted in the front of the room with colors and stickers of happy faces/frowns are OK. Of Mom's who are OK with rewards for school work. It makes me sick to my stomach when I visit a school or hear about kids being punished for their behavior by changing their color infront of all of their classmates. I found this while browsing at Half Price Books today.

Basic Montessori, David Gettman - I had to get this one after hearing about it so much from other homeschool moms.

The Discovery of the Child, Maria Montessori - This is part of my Montessori collection that I am reading.

I also love women fiction books which I will pick for our vacations at the parents! We will be spending a week and a half at my husbands Mom's house where there is no cable or Internet so all we do is read!! She lives in Brownsville, Texas. Then a week and a half at my Dad's house in Puerto Rico. He lives on a mountain at the center of the Island where you can't even get reception for your mobile phone so plenty of reading will be going on there to!!! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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