Monday, June 15, 2009

Primary Training: Gardening Activities

In my last post I wrote about the Primary Training Group making one of their Final Presentations. They got to present to us. Each student had one or two tables setup with Math, Sensorial, Language and Practical Life activities with a theme of a Cultural Area.

Here is student #1.
These activities are all to be done in the Garden and can be stored in plastic containers and kept outside for the child and teachers. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. This student is already working as an assistant in the classroom.

Here is a wide shot of the presentation.

This is a listening activity. Everyone can sit outside quietly and the teacher can say "Do you hear a duck" if the children hear it you put it under the Ear card if not you put it under the ear that is crossed out.

The child uses these stick to find things in the Garden with that color. I did this today with my kids and they loved it.

The activity above the sticks is a seed sorting activity.

This is egg shell grinding. The children get to grind the shells and then bury the egg shells next to a plant.
You also see in the picture a sign on a stick that says "Sun". There is another one that says "Shade". You have multiple of these so the children can put them in the ground where they see shade and sun.

Parts of a flower.


If you enlarge this picture, you will see to the right some paint sticks with letters on them. The child finds something that begins with that letter.

You will also see a plastic bucket with some pictures. These are pictures of things in the garden. Actual pictures of things in your garden. The child finds these things in the garden.

There is also a bird feeder for the children to fill-up. My kids favorite!

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Amber said...

There are some really great ideas here - thanks for posting :) I hope you show us some more!