Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Learning Room

I have lost the cord to download pictures from our camera so the Puerto Rico pictures are trapped!! I have to remember to go buy one this week.

These are pictures of what our learning room looks like lately. Our learning room is in the dinning room.

Below are two pictures of the entire room.

The following pictures are pictures from the left side of the room.

Above shows a picture of how I have changed the art materials. They are now in this cabinet. The kids are able to open this on their own but I keep it open when we are at home so they don't forget the materials are there. I'm not sure I'll keep it this way. I'm testing out to see how much things get used in here vs on an open shelf.

Below we start looking at the right side of the room.

I love having our learning room in the dinning room because it is between the kitchen and living room, the two places we live in most. This means that the kids use this room a lot. It is used morning, afternoon, and night. Their play room is around the corner which I also love because again it is close to the areas we live in most.


jojoebi said...

thank you for sharing, it is always great to see how other families manage with the vast amount of materials!

Karen said...

Hi Gigi!! Welcome back!! Que bueno que te sientes mejor!!. I love your Learning Room!! 'Que conveniente!! y que buena idea. Gracias por compartirla. Muy muy linda!!! Que sigan mejorando!!