Friday, July 31, 2009

Primary Training Presentation - Butterflies!!!

Another Primary Student's Final Presentation! To see all of the Primary Student's Presentations, click on the Primary Training label.

Each student had one or two tables setup with Math, Sensorial, Language and Practical Life activities they created with one theme or culture running through the activities. This is all about Butterflies!!!

Above: on the pink containers there is butterfly clothe pins. Then there is a butterfly lacing activity and finally a cute butterfly cutting board with a spreading activity.

Above: This picture is just to show the variety of books she chose on butterflies.

Above: The activities with the picture cards and arrow labels are for labeling the pictures. To the right there is a big red butterfly picture. She has made these in different colors for matching. So, there will be two red with blue dots for matching.

Above: In this picture notice the dark red to light red butterflies. These are like the color box activity. The child places the butterflies in order from darker to lightest. You have the loose butterflies to put in order and then the cards for the students to check their work.
Under that there is a box with lots of pieces of materials for a sensorial activity.

Art Activity with the children's hand and feet prints!

Above: Sorting Activity, Playdough with butterfly cookie cutters, and paper punch outs.

Don't you want your kids in this classroom!


Karen said...

YES!! I Will love to have some of those in my classroom!!!!!!!! Beautiful Gigi!!! In my good spanish "ESTA BRUTAL"!! como esas cosas no se me ocurren a mi????? lol ME ENCANTO!!

Thanks for share!!

Sybille said...

Oh, my nieces made butterfly-pictures just today... and now I take a look to your blog and see other butterflies... what a butterfly Tuesday for me! :)

Leptir said...

Your activities are GREAT!! I'll use some of your ideas for my class! Thanks for sharing ;-)