Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kids New School

A few pictures at the kids new school. The school had a play time this week for the preschoolers so they could meet some of the kids, see the teachers again and just keep getting comfortable with the school.
This play area is directly outside the preschool rooms. You can see the porches of the preschool rooms here.
On the other side is the Natural play area. I'll post pictures of those when I get over there! From what I was told the kids switch play areas weekly. The kids will start Wednesday and start with 2 hours a day for this week and then their regular schedule of 3 hours a day starting next week. The kids are very excited.


Beth said...

the school looks amazing! i love the idea of the outdoor play and nature area right outside their rooms! nice they are transitioning into the school days as well..

Karen said...

The school looks Awesome, Gigi!! I love the play ground (si mi hija viera esa area de juegos!!!, quedaría encantandísima!!) and the backyard.... I hope you like this one.