Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Open house at the kids school

The kids school had an Open House this past week. I took tons of pictures so I'll be posting about it a few more times! At the open house the children have the opportunity to show their family what they do at school. We just follow the children and ask them to show us works they have had lessons on. They show you around and you follow their lead. They may do a work or not. Our kids were so excited!

Here is a few pictures of Bella showing us how to do a water work.

This is the entrance to the classroom. She is getting the rubber apron.

Putting on the apron.

Getting water and sweet boy looking on~

The kids are in different classrooms. I will post pictures of sweet boy and his classroom next.


Adriana said...

The school looks so nice! I am sure that the kids were proud to show you what they learned.

Karen said...

It's soo cute!! a lot of things to do there!!! nice.....and lovely!