Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Language Works for Sweet Boy

Here is a plastic drawer that contains a few items that begin with the letter 'c' and the exact letters Sweet boy and Bella will need to spell out the words. I have three little drawers like these. I rotate the letters we are working on. This method of using the movable alphabet works great for learning different children and smaller children that may be overwhelmed by the amount of letters in the movable alphabet box.

Here the kids are working on their lower case cursive and printed letters.

The handwriting work is for Sweet Boy but Bella likes to use it. One tool I recommend for practicing writing the numbers, which I do not have but have ordered, is this Trace&Write Number Chalkboard Set from Montessori n Such.

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Karen said...

Que buena idea!! sabes, antier abrí el alfabeto mov. para mostrarle su nombre, pues ya conoce todos los sonidos... y sabes que, vió tantas que se emocionó y luego miro para el lado y nada!!! Gracias!! voy a tratar ese método!!