Thursday, December 10, 2009

The School Room!

The day after Thanksgiving we started to decorate for Christmas which is very big in our house. While decorating I decided to move one rug from the living room to the dinning room and a few days later I had moved lots of furniture around and the school shelves from the dinning room to the play room and now the play room is a school room/playroom!

It has been almost two weeks since this new setup and it is working so great. The kids LOVE their school room, calling it the school room and wanting to be in there to do school work and also play! We are very good at keeping it organized because it is the school room!!

Here are some pictures. I will post about each area and some new works on my following posts.

Art/Math/Sensorial/Language/Cultural Area

Reading/Religion Area

Calendar/Writing Area

Pretend Play Area


Karen said...

Beautiful Gigi!!! I LOVE IT!!, muy comodo y espacioso!! Hasta yo quisiera jugar y estudiar ahi!!!

Elena said...

Hi, I'm an Italian mom. In my blog, among other things, I talk about how I started teaching my daugther Spanish at home! I put a link to this beautiful blog in mine, and I will often visit you to read about your experiences...Merry Christmas Elena

Gigi said...

Gracias Karen! Espero que te estes sintiendo bien!

Thank you Elena. I can't wait to visit your blog.

Gaby said...

It's wonderful, I love it!!
You did a great job.