Friday, January 15, 2010

Asia Continent Box

My mom was part of a US Educational Delegation that was selected to go to China in December for a week. Guests of Hanban, the groups trip purpose was to deepen their knowledge of the Chinese culture, share best practices and build partnerships with Chinese schools in order to implement Chinese programs in US school districts.

I asked her to bring me a few things for the kids Asia Continent Box.
Here is what she brought us!

Thanks MOM!!
She also has many pictures, one news paper and information about the schools they visited.

Here are the other items in our Asia Continent Box

These items came from my husbands travels when in the Navy - around 20 years old!

The children have already done a presentation at their school on the items that Grandma brought them. "Show and Tell" is an opportunity for the kids to get up and talk in front of all of their class mates.


Adriana said...

What an awesome trip your mother took! And how wonderful that she brought back so many things to show the kids from Asia.

Leptir said...

This is great!!

Karen said...

Que bello Gigi!!! Espectacular!!

Evelyn said...

Your mom is soooo cool! You think she could adopt me?
By the way, I have an award for you. THANK YOU.
Evelyn from 2 Pequenos Traviesos

Sybille said...

Wow, great! Surely a fun using the Asia Box now!