Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bellas Work from School

I took pictures of some of the things Bella has brought home from school. The school keeps a portfolio of their work from the time they start school until they leave the school. So, if they stay there from 3 years to 8th grade then that is 11 years worth of work.

Of course, at this Level in Montessori there are LOTS of works that do not have pencil and paper tied to it. But here are the ones that did! Just a reminder: Bella turned 4 years old 2 months ago. She does not write her numbers, she does not read, she is learning her letter sounds.

This is the BIG one. One of her favorite things to do is pin punching. She started doing this at her last Montessori School Last year and she would come home with tons of these. She has slowed down a bit!

Bella said this was an exhausting work. She does not like long works. She is not good at concentrating for a long period of time yet. Not a surprise to me AT ALL. She hyper and a social butterfly. She also did cards and counters. The counters were penguins.

Read and Blue Rods. She has told me she has done this several times.

Metal Insets

Cutting straight lines.

Coffee Grinding. They have a hand grinder. As you can see, she LOVES this work!
It is time for me to make me a cup of coffee!!

Sewing. She does this work with her teachers help.

Parts of a Jack-o-Lantern book. She colors the different parts but does not write the names of the parts.

Here is the folder I use to keep all of the things the kids bring home from school. Each one has a folder. I have a portfolio I have kept of their work since they started pre-school. In here I also keep things they have done at home. I make sure to label with name and age so I don't forget when they did what!

I will show Sweet Boys Work on my next post.


Aly in Va said...

We have the same pumpkin book. My little one is 5 (kinder montessori) and they used it to write the pumpkin parts in Spanish.

Karen said...

NIce works!!! She had a great time at school ha???? So happy to read about your kiddos!! and happy to heard from you again!!!

pattyannie said...

Very nice! I have not used portfolios in my classroom. I was thinking about using them, but he kids love taking their works home right away.

Gigi said...

Aly in Va, great idea to do it in Spanish! I try to do the works they have at school but in Spanish.

Thank you Karen!

Hi Patty! At my sons last school, the kids could take everything home but then the parents would sign and return in the Friday folders. The teacher would then create a portfolio and give it to the kids and parents when they finished Kinder.

At this school, I'm not sure how the teacher chooses what she keeps. I'll have to ask!