Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Educational Resolutions

Lori at Montessori For Everyone asked her readers to share some kind of resolution they were making for the new year when it comes to education. I really liked this question because it is goals that I needed to write down to help me focus. I tend to want to do everything with the kids and in the end not do any one thing right! After thinking about it, I decided that I wanted to focus on two things:

1. Work harder at speaking more Spanish in the home. I am going to concentrate on surrounding myself with more Spanish in my life so that it will then overflow to my children. For example: I already listen to all Spanish Music. My kids therefore can sing in Spanish. My husband and I started to attend activities at the Latin Cultural Center. This surrounds us with Spanish speakers which then naturally allows us to speak Spanish around them and to them.

2. Work on teaching the kids about our religion. Last year my son attended a Catholic school so I just left it up to the school but now that he is not at a Catholic school I need to do this. I joined the Catholic Learning Yahoo group which has GREAT files to download that follow the method of teaching Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. I am excited about the children and I learning together!

So, do you have an educational resolution? I would love to hear it!


Gaby said...

Hi Gigi
Thanks for your comment and your help!
I believe I figured out the labels so when you have time check it out.

Sounds like a good idea to focus on a small number of goals to work on with the kids because it can get overwhelming when it's too much. I know I overwhelm myself all the time. So good luck to you on your Resolutions.
My resolution would be to work on my new blog and stick to it. So in turn that makes me focus more on what I am doing at home with my kids and keep track of things. The other educational resolution would probably be to educate myself more so that I can in turn teach my son and my baby new things . . .:)

Evelyn said...

Hi Gigi!
My new year's resolution would be to incorporate Montessori phylosophy and education at home. And believe me, this resolution turns out to be enough for me... Some of the small steps would be: to set up our new classroom, educate myself more, create the Montessori environment, visit my friend from "Montessori en el Hogar" who's willing to help me with my 7 yo... PHEW! See what I mean. ;)

Anonymous said...

Buscando recursos por internet he llegado a tu blog. Me parece muy interesante el trabajo que haces con tus niños. Gracias por compartirlo.