Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Boys Work from School

Sweet Boy is in Kindergarten, he just turned 6 years old and he attends half days at the Montessori School.

Here are some of the works he has brought home from school.

Read and blue rods which he actually did a million times last year. He just did it one time this year and was done!

Triangle Box


Decimal Layout

Addition booklets done with beads.

By looking at these works I can tell the progress he has made with writing his numbers and letters. In the read and blue rods work you can see some of the numbers backwards. He has worked on his numbers at school and at home. The teacher suggested we make crafts and do fun things with numbers.

As far as letters, he is writing more lower case letters and smaller. At home we work on stories for him to practice his letters. He draws pictures and tells me the story, then he writes part or all of the story. He also helps me write out my grocery list and writes small notes to grandma and grandpa.

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