Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Montessori Triaining

Here is an update on my Elementary I Montessori Training.
Currently I am working to finish my observations. We have 12 observations in the Primary Classroom (ages 3-6) and the Elementary I classroom (ages 6-9). I am also finishing up my written papers.

I am now taking a break from classes since the baby will be here in two months. What I have left of my courses are the Math and first part of Language. I decided not to start the Math classes since I would not be able to finish. The Math classes go through May and the baby is due in April. I will then have my 9 month internship and tests and I'll be done! Only time will tell if I actually finish. The only thing I worry about is the internship. I just don't know what the future holds.


Montessori en el hogar said...

Te deje un premio en mi blog.

L'Insalata era nell'Orto said...

tomorrow a post on Bilingualism and Spanish (in Italian, sorry) will be published in my tiny blog, with a link to yours...and the M words picture!

Karen said...

Hi Gigi!!! I also let you an award on my blog!!!

Big Hug!!