Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Activities

HOLA! Hoy es 4 de enero del 2010. HELLO! Today is January 4th, 2010.

Yesterday I made many activities for the kids. I'll share them all in the next few posts.

Below is our winter craft shelf.

One activity on the shelf is "Dressing a snowman".
I printed the template from First School.
The kids color, cut, and paste the clothing on the snowman.

Above is Bella's snowman. El hombre de nieve.

Below is another shelf with one of Bella's favorite counting activities.

Counting Snowflakes.
I made this just like the counting apples.
Here is the counting snowflakes file to download.

Bella counts the snowflakes. If she does not know how the number looks like, she looks on the back of the card. She then finds the clothes pin to attach to the card stock.

Hard at work!


Adriana said...

Thank you for these printables and ideas! I am looking for stuff to do with the theme of winter.

Adriana said...

i gave you an award! :)

gaby said...

Thanks Gigi these ideas are great!