Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Works

Februrary 1st I changed the colored pencil and marker holders and added heart cookie cutters to the play-doh tray. My sweet Bella noticed everything right away and told me "Thank you mommy for all of the beautiful hearts!!" She is SUCH a girl!

Here are the Valentines works I added or changed up from the winter works.

Valentines Card Making. The kids have made their Dad several valentines already. I am still waiting on mine!!

Cards and counters for Bella.

Pin punching hearts, x's and o's!
By the way, these are inside a box lid. The box lid has some padding on it so they use the box lid for pin punching. And the box lid acts as the tray also!

Heart beads to make bracelets this time.

Items came from the following locations:
1. Wood Trays - Wal-Mart craft section $4 each
2. Plastic Trays(Like the Red one Shown) - Dollar Store
3. Heart numbers - teacher store, Calendar Section
4. Hearts used for counters - Target Dollar Section (found this month). They also have purple.
5. Heart stamps and foam stickers - Target Dollar Section and Dollar Store
6. Heart Beads - Michael's Dollar Section
7. Marker and Pencil holders - Target Dollar Section


My Boys' Teacher said...

See, now THAT'S how it'd DONE!

Karen said...

Que bello todo Gigi!!! So beautiful!!! Que pena, no tenemos Target!! here..... so bad....