Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Writing and Reading

The school room has been modified a bit because for a few weeks after the baby arrives I will be sleeping in there. Our bedroom is upstairs and since I have C-sections I don't want to be climbing stairs until I feel up to it. For now, the shelf below will be the writing and reading shelf.
I have moved all of the Spanish materials to their own shelf since that has been growing! Anything with words here is in English.

A lot of us have learning puzzles that just have way to many pieces to make it really beneficial to a 4 or 5 year old. Here is two ways I am using some of the learning puzzles we have.

This is not reading or writing but it is a learning puzzle that is better used if separated.
The kids LOVE this puzzle. Bella likes the counting and addition and sweet boy likes the addition and subtraction.

Spelling Puzzle
This spelling puzzle has three and four letter words. Here I have separate the three letter words. Later I will switch with the four letter words.

Cutting patters found at Montessori Materials

I've shown these before. This is what we use in substitute to the metal insets. The only reason I don't use the metal insets is because I already had these from Creative Memories. Same concept, some of the same shapes and some new ones!


Karen said...

Lovely Gigi!!! Love your language area, it's all about letters!!! Love your metal insets!!! that one it's a great shape!! and the puzzles!! nice idea to keept the organized and labeled!! Love it!!

Leann said...

I've been fussing over not having any of the insets, but I DO have the CM patterns! What a great idea. Thanks for posting!

Gigi said...

Thank you Karen. I always pay attention to see how schools setup their shelves and noticed how they made these learning puzzles simpler to work with if broken out!

Gigi said...

I am glad I posted about it again Leann!