Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Dad

Opening Day of the Texas Rangers.
It is a family tradition for us to go. This is the first year in 10 years that I do not attend.

Here are some pictures of when my Dad came to town. My Dad lives in Puerto Rico. This is where I lived until the age of 11. I scheduled him to come in two weeks before the baby was due. Well, Andres decided to show up early and Dad arrived the day I was leaving the hospital. He was very disappointed because he wanted to see me and my belly, get to go out, and be there for the action! He said he wanted to enjoy me. Pero Dios sabe lo que hace! But God knows what he does!

Dad was such a HUGE help. Wow! God love him.
He is such a logical, patient, calm and loving person.
He drove me and Andres to our many Dr.'s appointments and took care of the kiddos when they arrived from school.
He was also here to sit with me and talk while it was just him, Andres and I.
To sit and have our coffee which we LOVE so much.
To hear my stories and remind me how things are just they way they are suppose to be.
To comfort me when I cried...
I wish I could have my Dad close to me.
I miss him.

Happy Father's Day Papi!

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Adriana said...

What a special relationship that you have with your father! How wonderful that he got to be there when the little guy came home.