Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is a very popular work. I googled "Geoboard" and clicked on "Images". I copied an image and pasted it into a word document. I then grabbed the sides of the image to enlarge it. I then printed it. I did not laminate but should probably put in sheet protector. The kids can then try to copy the shapes. The hexagon and octagon are difficult for my 4.5 year old but no problem for my 6.5 year old.

I plan to change the pictures weekly or every two weeks. The next pictures I want to print are some examples of making letters with the Geoboard. The Geoboard cost $3 at a teacher store and comes with the rubber bands!


Féepoussière said...

Great post! we have never done!
I like your previous post on your week of class and I made myself a post on a day homeschool. I did a "blog hop" down, would you add your link to yours under my post?

Jessie said...

Always a classroom favorite! I would love one for home. Would you please share where you found it?


2 Pequeños Traviesos said...

Hi Gigi! Just to let you know I've been enjoying very much all of your Geometry post. Very educational and well written. Thanks for sharing! I don't have any Montessori albums except for the ones you find online for free.