Monday, September 6, 2010

School - Week 3

We have been enjoying the cooler weather here in Texas. Look at our dead grass!

This is how I get sweet boy to go to nap while working with the kids. There is just no time to sit and nurse/rock quietly. It is NOT going to happen. So, I've learned to nurse and put him in here after nursing. He goes to sleep and then I take him out and put him in his crib!! Walking around in this hotsling puts him right to sleep. I also have to say that this is the easiest baby carrying contraption I have found. I tried the Bjorn (I'm not that coordinated), Ring Sling(too many parts) and the Warp (oh my, not sure I can do that)!! I did not even have to read directions on how to use this. I just looked at the picture and there!!

Five Kingdoms Presentation. For this presentation I checked out a book at the library to read about the Five Kingdoms. The more I know the more confident I feel talking about these. I gave the presentation once and reviewed on another day. I downloaded this work from here. I put color dots on the back for control.

Flags of the World.

United Sates Puzzle. Both kids did this map separately. My son did NOT want to work with Bella. This caused an ugly meltdown and me loosing my temper.

Happy working along side each other, after Bella had her meltdown and I mine!

Stamp Game. Sweet boy lets his sister give him the units, tens, hundreds and thousands he needs! It works out great.

Writing with the moveable alphabet. I ask him to do this work. Do not think for a minute he picks it out on his own!

Coffee grinding. They love this work and since I need the coffee grounded it works wonderfully for all of us!

Transferring beans. Any kind of transfer is also always popular.


Michelle said...

I really, really miss my sling babies. So sweet!

I've been considering a little mini-unit on classification. Love what you guys did. Thanks for the link!

Beans . . . my kids will scoop beans all day! And now I need a coffee hand-grinder. :)

Karen said...

Te ves tan linda con sweet baby!!! so sweet!!.

Me encanto esta semana tambien, armando palabras, rompecabezas, transfiriendo, los 5 reinos...todo!! muy espectacular; ahhh sin mencionar el molinito de cafe!!!

Gracias x compartirlo

Gigi said...

You are welcome Michelle. From here we will deeper into plant and animals. The coffee grinder is a huge hit!

Karen, como siempres, eres mi cheerleader!

janie said...

My daughter loves the coffee grinder too...i do myself too...its fun! :) I saw this cool idea on a craft blog about having letters on rocks, I thought it would be great for adding a sensorial piece and nature appreciation to working with letters. I think I might try it out on the rocks we collect when we're at the rivers edge.

PS, love your blog, great ideas! I don't homeschool, but my 5 year old went to a Montessori preschool and I incorporate a lot of Montessori ideas & materials at home & in my work (I'm a speech therapist)...transfer activities & water dropper activities are great reinforcers when doing drill work with my articulation students. I also do a lot of phoneme training through different methods (sorting activities, writing in sand, etc) and would love to get a set of sandpaper letters, thats next on my list!

Love to hear ideas about incorporating spanish into the day!

Love to hear about your family too! Thanks for sharing!

...this is my first comment I left...kind rolled all my thoughts from your posts into one! :)

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