Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Got a Hair Cut!!!

I've got ears!!

He is sooooo cute!!  I just love his hair cut!!! 
We took "Andresesito" (this is how Bella calls him!) to a kids hair cut place.  I had enough with all of the hair.  It was just so long.  They cut about 2 inches.  He could use more cut but that is a good start!  Bella did not want him to get a hair cut.  She cried and did not like it at first but now she is used to it!


Anonymous said...

Tu bebé es precioso!
Me gusta mucho tu blog! las actividades y las fotos!

Mada said...

Está hermoso Andresito, y que cantidad de cabello el que tenía, me hace recordar a mi primer hijo quien también nació con una super cabellera y hasta ahora guardo un mechón del cabello con que nació (hace 17 años).

Karen said...

He looks soooooo Cute!!! Gigi!!, God Bless him!! Es increible tanto cabello!!!lol Esta PRECIOSO!!!