Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Schedule

A little about our Monday-Friday schedule.

Monday - Homeschool All Day

Tuesday - 8am-9:45 Bella goes to Catechism Class. Sweet Boy and I work.
A little more school here in the middle
2:30pm-3:10 - Sweet Boy goes to Catechism Class.

Wednesday - Homeschool All Day.
                      4:15pm Church Choir

Thursday - Co-op
10:30-4pm. At Co-op the kids take a Geography/History class, have lunch and then take four classes
(PE, Music/Theater, Games(Playing Board Games, Cards, Puzzles), and Cooking)

Friday - Homeschool All Day.
Field Trips are scheduled on Fridays through the Homeschool Co-op so we will attend those that interest us.

Catechism is 5 minutes from our home. My husband takes Bella in the mornings which allows me to work with Sweet Boy alone.  I pick up Bella and take sweet boy in the afternoons.

Co-op - This is a huge homeschool co-op in this area. It is a very structured co-op with many classes to choose from starting at 8:00am until 4:00pm. I go to my office with the baby during co-op.

Bella is also involved in Y-Guides with my husband and Ballet/Tap.  Sweet boy is in Cub Scouts with my husband and Baseball. 

We are all very happy with this schedule.


Aly in Va said...

Looks like a nice easy schedule. It's great your activities are close to home. Many times I see moms who have to drive an hour for a 30 min. activity. That would really fustrate me.

Gigi said...


Yes, one major reason we homeschooled
this year was to stay at home because of the baby since the kids school is a little far.

I made sure to keep that in mind while scheduling our activities this year!