Monday, September 27, 2010

Plants - Botany Unity

We started our plant study by planting seeds, talking about the needs of plants, watching a seed in a plastic baggie grow a root, and planting that root and seeing it grow into a plant. 

Presentation of the parts of the plant.  In this work you see the parts of the plant using a tree.  The definition cards are for Sweet Boy because he is in 1st grade.  For the 3-5 age group you only name the parts of the plant.

After talking about the parts of the plant I had the kids do a tree craft.

We used the pre-made labels and added Spanish Labels to practice.

Here is a close up.

On another day I wrote the name of the parts of the plant in both English and spanish for sweet boy to glue onto his tree.  Bella watched.  She did not want to add these to her tree.

Here is a close up.  They color the entire tree on the first page.  The second and subsequent pages look the same but they only color one part of the tree and write the part they colored.  So you have 6 pages that look the same but the student only colors one part of the plant on each page and labels if ready to write.  You can see the control chart that Bella is using.  Bella does not write the parts of the plant only sweet boy.


yokohamamama said...

Hi! I'm Amy O in Yokohama--I've been following your blog for a while, but first time commenting:))
Love the wonderful materials you've used for teaching about plants/plant life cycles! I just posted a little while back about something similar. In Japan, growing morning glories (and other flowers and vegetables) is part of the public school curriculum from kindergarten. It's not Montessori--but it's pretty close. Stop by anytime if you like morning glory photos:))

p.s.--Gorgeous header photo! What a beautiful family:) (I have three, too, but all in elementary school now. I am *so* impressed that you are homeschooling with a newborn. I feel worn out just thinking about that...:)

yokohamamama said...

Oops--wrong link! Here's the link to the morning glories:

Gigi said...

Hello Amy! I just read your post about morning glories. That is wonderful!
Regarding homeschooling with a new born. It IS exhausting! My body is finally not aching at the end of the day and I am finally in a groove and not completely exhausted when my husband gets home!

yokohamamama said...

Thanks! Stop by any time (she said, as if a homeschooling mom with a newborn had any time at all:)).
Seriously--I don't know how you're doing what you're doing--montessori homeschooling, newborn, *and* a go girl! Off to check out the link for the Hundred Board--thanks for the tip! My 6-year-old is struggling a little with numbers, and I think a material might just help:)