Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bad Day

What a day.  

I have two classes with a total of 60 students that end tomorrow so I've been stressed about grading.

The physical therapist came today at 1pm to visit Andres and even thought I went through this with the kids and talked about how to behave and what to do while she was here my son acted HORRIBLE.

My son did not want to do ANY work because he got a new lego toy and that is ALL he can think about. 

My daughter went to Catechesis this morning and wined all day after that.  "I don't want to do any work.  I worked hard this morning..."  I told her it was fine to not do anything but then she complained about that!

Went through all of the effort in getting everyone out of the house on time to get my son to Catechesis at 2:30pm and the office told me "I'm sorry, we forgot to call you.  1st grade Catechesis was cancelled today due to testing"  ARGH.  I had to wake the baby up from nap for NOTHING. 

I wanted to call my husband and say we are enrolling the kids in school.  I can't do this any more...

So, I came home, yelled at everyone, made my son do work before he could go out to play with his friends and slowly chilled out as I worked with him.

I sure do hope tomorrow is better.


yokohamamama said...

First--a big virtual hug! Even though my kids are in school now (because I'm not the native japanese speaker, so they pretty much have to go to school to learn to read and write japanese), my three were born in 20 month intervals, and I have had *so* many days like that. Even now, they have to do Kumon math and language every day--and I'm the one who has to get them to do it. And set the screen-time limits, and so on. Some days are whiny days--heck, some days *I* feel like whining and not doing the Kumon! But I thank you for putting up such an honest post--it makes me feel less alone:)) Put everybody to bed early, have a nice cup of tea, then I will pray you can get a decent night's sleep yourself (hard with a new baby!).
Gambare, ne! (that means, "don't give up" in Japanese:))

Tati said...

So, so sorry it was rought! I had a rough day too. I felt like all my kids did was fight. I hope tomorrow is better. At least you are not alone. Hang in there :)

N from the Learning Ark said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad day. Hopefully the coming days will be better. I'm amazed at how much you do, how beautiful your class is and you do it all with a baby! Truly an amazing mum!

Michelle said...

We're having one of those weeks. Try to take care of yourself and remember that this too shall pass. We WILL get through this whiny week. Hang in there, and I hope today is better for you!

Gigi said...

Thank you girls! I feel your support. Last week was such an amazing week. Not sure where I went wrong. I know I need to relax. I get stressed when my son does not do any work that I find it is "school" related. I feel that he will get behind, I think how much more he could be learning at school with none of the home distractions: sister, baby, and toys.

Aly in Va said...

we all just do the best we can and let the rest of the chips fall where they may...sending hugs your way. Aly.

yokohamamama said...

I'm having a good week this week (shhh...don't say that too loud...might jinx myself), so maybe Good Weeks are on some kind of rotation system:))
An extra virtual hug and calming cup of tea to you!

Karen said...

Sooooo sorry you have a 'HARD DAY", but at least there are more "GOOD AND AMAZING DAYS!!!, Estas manejando tu escuelita de una forma ESPECTACULAR!!!, no permitas que un mal dia dañe todas las cosas preciosas y maravillosas que has creado hasta hoy!!!...Pa' lante amiguita, hacia atras, ni para tomar impulso!!!

Un abrazote

Jen Fuller said...

I know this happened a while ago, but these days occur whenever they want! I'm working full time now at as director of a Montessori school and no longer have my own school in my basement. I remember the days of nothing going right, I have three kids ages 7, 6, and 2. Now that the little one is a bit older things are getting easier but we are not without our bad days. Thanks again for posting and letting the world know that even though we chose to stay at home with our kids we still encounter stress. It's not all about the bonbons! :-) Keep up the great work!

Gigi said...

You are right Jen. Not so great days happen here and there! The bad days have been less but there is always stress! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It really does help.