Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ask - You never know

The kids started  Art Class last week in our neighborhood in a homeschool morning class with four other homeschool children.  I've been wanting to put the kids in this class but it was so expensive.  Well, I mentioned this to the teacher and she gave us and another family 50% off the tuition.  I am SO excited about this class because this is Drawing with Art History.  I've been wanting to do an Artist of the month with drawing activities to go with it but I can barely keep up with everything so this has been a relief. 
I absolutely loved how the class was taught and what the children learned.  Just wonderful.  I also loved that it was in our neighborhood with my children's friends.  The kids also loved the class.  Very important!

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aly in va said...

I totally agree. I'm about ask for something similar- well, a payment plan for an expensive creative writing class Alex wants to take at school. The worst they can say is no. Glad your situation worked out and you're enjoying the art class.