Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Update

Sweet Andres is such a joy.  He gave us a wonderful gift on Christmas Eve.  He started to sit at 9 months!
Sitting, something I took for granted with my first two children, has been lots of work for little Andres. 

Andres has two physical therapy sessions a month for now and I work with him the rest of the month.  We will be starting aquatic therapy this Spring or Summer.  Here he is with one of his therapist.

9 months 3 weeks.  Andres at work!  I still use the pillow for support.

Andres has pretty good side control but no back control yet.  He sits if we place him sitting but not able to get himself up to sit yet but he is working hard at it!  The best therapy for Andres is floor time so he is always on the floor.  We do not use any type of contraption except for the highchair for eating.

Andres is very talkative making lots of sounds.  He is eating really well.  I started to blend the food we all eat for him so he is eating thicker type foods, what you would compare to Number 3 foods.  He has no teeth but has no problem eating these as well as the teething biscuits, cheerios, tortillas and fruit.  He also has had no problem holding and drinking from a sippy cup for about four months now.

I am currently working on trying to get Andres to clap.  I sing the Happy Birthday song and clap at the end and put his hands together and work on clapping.  I really want him to clap for his birthday.  Also, when he begins to bring his hands together purposefully we can begin teaching him sign language.

"Young children with Down syndrome are usually excellent communicators. They use facial expressions, gestures, mime, and vocalizations to express their ideas. Because spoken language often develops more slowly than receptive language or a desire to communicate, sign language is often the tool they need to build their confidence communicating." 


Annicles said...

Andres looks absolutely gorgeous, very happy, and I can see how much your work with him is making a difference.

The girl who painted trees said...

He is gorgeous and so cute! Keep up the good work.

aly in va said...

I'm sure he'll be clapping in no time....who doesn't love "If you're happy and you know it".
Take care,

Karen said...

Hi Gigi!!! He it's absolutely Gorgeous!!! Keep doing that AMAZING job with him!! You're absolutely and Inspirtation!!
Big Hugs!!!