Sunday, January 16, 2011

Homeschooling Blog Posts

What a wonderful Post from Living Montessori Now.  How We Homeschooled

Have you met Deb Chitwood from this Blog?  Probably so since she has almost 300 followers and many more facebook fans..  Deb homeschooled two kids through Highschool and is now telling us about it!  It is so comforting reading her posts because you know she did it and her children turned out great!   As we go through life, raising our children, we always ask ourselves "Am I doing the right thing?".  Will they be OK if I do this ______________.   Fill in the blank.  So many things we question.

The post How We Homeschooled and Top 5 Homeschool Lessons My Children Taught Me allows me to relax.  Read them!


yokohamamama said...

Thanks for the link! Even if you *don't* homeschool, you're constantly plagued with doubts! ("Am I doing this right? Or wrong? What if...!") I *so* appreciate your honest posts, too--even (or especially) when you express how hard homeschooling can be and your real-time thought process as you consider whether to continue homeschooling or not. Homeschooling can be wonderful, but it's not the only way, and not always the best thing given a person's circumstances. As my grandmother always said, "Circumstances alter cases!"

(p.s.--*beautiful* header photo!!)

Olives and Pickles said...

Thank you for the link..I am always asking I doing right? Being a parent is a lot of responsability and my child is the most precious person in earth for me..I just want the best for her like every other parents that love their kids.
And let me tell you that YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT MAMA!!All the work you do for your kids is amazing! I complain having one I can't believe you have three and still do a great job.

aly in va said...

Just as a parent I'm always questioning things...I couldn't imagine if I also took on their full time education. I suppose for my two youngest, I do though.

Gigi said...

YokohamaMama, my feelings EXACTLY! We will go through life doubting every decision we make for our children.

Gigi said...

Patty from Olives and Pickles, thank you for always saying I am a great Mom. You always lift me up!

I look at my kids an feel so much love. Like you said, they are so precious.

When I had my first child, Sweet Boy, I felt like it was SOOO difficult. It is a HUGE adjustment. It only get's easier in the way that you feel confident to take care of a child!

Gigi said...

Aly, I am slowly learning not to compare what we do to what the entire world is doing!
I think you do such a great job to give your oldest such great learning opportunities at home. It teaches her that learning is not just at school. I always did that before homeschooling so this transition has been easy for the kids.

Meredith said...

Hey there! I stumbled over after you posted some of your materials on RECPTA's list. Your blog is amazing- I can't get over how organized and detailed you are.