Friday, January 14, 2011

My Sweet Bella's School Work

My Sweet Girl turned 5 years old a couple of months back.

She LOVES learning.  She is always wanting to do school work and wants to be challenged.
She never complains about school work unless it is easy.  She calls it baby work!

Here is what Bella has been doing for the past two months.

Sweet girl is very motivated to read.  We work with the movable alphabet, beginning sound cards with the pink and blue series.  She also matches the words to the cards in the pink series.  She does this work with her brother or me.

Sweet Bella is adding using the addition strip board or color beads.  When she does addition problems, she usually does 4 or 5 problems.  She has problems writing her numbers and I have been meaning to get number stamps but keep forgetting.  Right now what I do is make the number she wants me to make with dots and then she traces it.

My beautiful girl LOVES Spanish and wants to do Spanish work and speak in Spanish.  I tutor a little girl in Spanish and she loves to sit with us and work.  This work she can do by herself but I do it with her because I want her to learn the vocabulary.

Here is her latest math work.  She has been wanting to do this forever.  She had seen it done in her classroom last year and wanted to do it.  Her brother and her worked on it together.

Big girl is starting to work with money but does not understand it yet.

Here she is working with her all time favorite since she was 3 years old, pin punching!

Something she does a lot is copy words from wherever.  She then asks me "What did I write?".  I did it all by myself, she tells me!

Exploring the continent boxes is another of her favorites.

I pull this work out every so often because it does not get used enough and she has not mastered it. 

Here she is with her MOST favorite part about homeschooling, playing with her baby brother.  She tells me that if she went to school she would miss baby :-(.  How sweet is that!  Bella is such a great big sister. 


Olives and Pickles said...

Great job mama and daughter!!Little brother is so so so adorable!!

Gigi said...

Thank you for the comment! He is a Blessing!

aly in va said...

Love the last picture of Bella and her new sweet.

Gigi said...

Thank you Aly!