Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Montessori For Parents Podcasts/ Misc. Talk

Have you seen these Montessori videos at


Under "shop", they also have training videos.  and parent videos.  Following your Child:  A Montessori Philosophy of Parenting DVD would be a great present to a new parent.  I wish someone would have given me this DVD when I had my first child! 

I also love to see the videos of the kids in the elementary classrooms.  I am pretty sure the kids will be going back to their Montessori Schools next year and seeing these videos makes me want them there now!   I'll post more about it when I've made my final decision (i.e. - when I pay!). 

On another note.  The school districts around here have been closed for the past two days and will be closed tomorrow.  There is ice everywhere and no one around here knows how to drive in this mess.  It is SO cold.  Colder then it has ever been around here.  We are still doing school!  We have to take advantage that Daddy is here to take care of the baby.  It makes homeschooling SO easy. 

Enjoy the videos!  Don't miss this one: Grammar Symbols in the Montessori Elementary Environment 


aly in va said...

Yes, I found them last year (recommended by daughters school). I only wish there were more.
They are great, especially for someone newly interested in Montessori for their children.

Gigi said...

Yes, more would be great!!! I also saw some videos by Dr. Steve Hughes. Search for them. They are great!