Sunday, March 13, 2011

On the Road Again

After the Holidays I started thinking the kids should go back to school.   I have always been able to do many things at once but I finally found my limit!  Working full-time, homeschooling full-time, a parent that takes care of 90% of of my children's needs, the one who takes care of 90% of the home needs, a new baby and babies special needs took me over my limit!

One really major factor, not like the ones above where not enough, was that I have seen my kids in a Montessori School and comparing it to home, I actually prefer the Montessori school environment.  The energy and peacefulness and just amazingness of a Montessori School that breathes and lives Maria Montessori's philosophy is where I want my kids. 

They kids have made their all day visits and are ready to return.   Sweet boy loves to be at home with Mom but said he loved being back at school and my daughter, I am sure you are able to tell by the pictures how social she is, can't wait!

It took me a little while to commit to going back to that school because of the drive.  It is a 20 minute drive with light traffic.  Like I had said before, it is close to us but because of a major highway we have to take there is traffic.   Once in a while, traffic can be very bad.  There are side streets but I think it takes the same amount of time.  I had been concerned with the baby riding in the car so long every day but I now have a wonderful lady helping me take care of the baby during the week so I am going to have her come before I have to pick-up the kids so he only rides in the car in the mornings.  Which works out great because at the time of pick-up is the babies nap time.

I am happy to now be able to be done with work when the kids and my husband come home and have time for babies needs. My husband will have his wife back and my kids will have their happy and playful mommy back who does not go hide in the evenings to work!

So, back on the road again!


Annicles said...

It is hard to make these types of decisions but you are reacting to the needs of your family and that can only be a good thing. I hope it works out well.

Gigi said...

Annicle, yes you are right. When I made the decision to homeschool I did not have a baby and specially one with special needs so our needs have changed. I AM glad I tried it because it is something I always wanted to do and now I know that if I ever need to homeschool, I can!

Montessori Print Shop said...

As our lives change we must not be afraid to make adjustments. Good for you for embracing life as it comes and doing what's right for you and your family at this time. Say a prayer and hang on tight ... it will be ok!

Olives and Pickles said...

My goodness..what a hard decision eh? You have done such a great wonderful job with your kids! Everytime I read your posts I thought my goodness how she does it! You are super mama! But Im glad you found the balance again.
Now you can spent more time with sweet baby and work with him a little bit more while big brother and sister have fun at the school.
Have a magic week.

Karen said...

Hola Amiguita!! Ya estoy acomodada!!.. Una situacion interesante te ha tocado!! muchas cosas para Super Mama!!! Tu has hecho un trabajo EXCEPCIONAL!! Y MARAVILLOSO con tus hijos.... son muchas cosas, pero lo mas importante es que tu estes bien!!Si Mama no esta en paz, tranquila y feliz, no funciona!! y Gracias a Dios, TODOS estan felices con la decision!! A los chicos les encanta la escuela!! asi que tranquila, y disfruta de tu Ritmo Diario, tu trabajo, la casa, esposo y el Precioso Baby!!! Dios siempre obra con proposito!!! Me alegra mucho que te sientas bien y en paz.!!!

Un abrazote!!!