Thursday, March 3, 2011

School Weeks 22, 23, 24 and 25

Some other pictures from the past month!

For Chinese New Year we watched a few videos, looked at a couple of books, made origami items and talked about the Lunar Calendar.

We used the Melissa and Doug Origami Paper and Instructions Kit.  The kids made cubes, stars, an airplane,  and swan.  Sweet boy watched me and his father and then practiced and practiced until he made all of them.  Daddy made this one :-)
Bella working with CVC (Consonant - Vowel - Consonant) words.

I've been working on the Fundamenal Needs of People with the children.  This is a book of different homes across the world.
Fundamental Needs of People is the study of how people in different historical time periods satisfied their basic needs.  Currently we are talking about what ARE these basic needs and looking at books that show these across the world.

More information about Fundamental Needs of People Lessons
This is the only link I could find when I did a quick search. Montessori For Everyone.
If you have another link, let me know.  I will add it here!

Baby working while we work!

I use many of the off the shelf Workbooks and modify to work for us.  Here I cut one page in half and made two works for Bella.  Here I provide the letters she will need.  She actually ended up writing the letters because that is what she wanted to do!  You could laminate this so you could re-use it.

Kids created their Noun Families!

Linear Time line Lesson for Sweet Boy.


Valentines Work

Making Valentine's

Making heart decorations for our classroom!

Zoology in the past month!

I made this to talk to the kids about the life cycle of a frog.

They chose to create little booklets for the frog life cycle.   We found a few very cool videos online about different types of frogs and where they lay their eggs.  The videos were rich in color.  It allows them to see that not all frogs are green!!  We also checked out some books on frogs but have not had the chance to actually sit an observe a live frog.

From Tadpole to Frog by David Stewart

Cute Froggie Activities!

Here is our new pet!!  His name is Harry :)  Harry is a Guinea Pig, in case you did not know!  Harry is one of the mammals we are studying.
I am starting to create little baskets with pictures and little plastic animals from each animal group.  We did activities between Mammals and Reptiles.  I put all of the animals together and they sorted them after we had talked about what ARE the characteristics of a mammal and reptiles.  Here is a simple website with the animal groups and their characteristics.  Here is another very helpful website with resources on the Animal Groups


Sakura said...

What wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing---and I love the guinea pig! We had one named Bobert--who is sadly no longer with us.

Annicles said...

What a fantastic month. I love the idea of noun families. Must do that next week!

A great book for the fundamental needs of man is "A Life Like Mine". The book is bublished by the Unuted Nations and is easy to get hold of. It features children from around the world and uses the Rights of the Child as the focus to see what makes children different and the same. as you can imagine, the fundamental needs are intrinsic to the book.

Susana of Montessori Candy said...

Hi Gigi,
I'd like to look into the book "A Life Like Mine". Here are some others I found:

Material World: A Global Family Portrait:

Books by Ann Morris:

What the World Eats:

And possibly this one:


Karen said...

Semanas fabulosas!! Me encanta la presentacion de la linea del tiempo!! recien la tome en mi clase!! Me encanta ver a Sweet baby trabajando tambien!!!! soooo cute!!, estoy ansiosa por que my little princess se siente, para ponerla a trabajar tambien!!!!

Un beso,