Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Toddler Activities

The following is the shelf that lives in our dinning room.  This was taken many months ago.  The works are now different.

To the left of this shelf is his table.
My son is currently using the table for snack time and some lunch time.  The table is from Ikea.  The legs were cut so his feet would touch the floor.  At age two or even one a half, typical children can easily get in and out of this chair and carry their plate to the chosen place for dirty dishes.  My son is not there yet.  He is working on getting in and out of the chair.  He does fine eating by himself but I need to be with him to help with the cup or he will spill it all over himself and at some point throw it.

So back to the shelf.  The items on the shelf are often rotated.  Some things stay a very long time because big boy really likes them.  The most important thing that I do for my two year old and this is true for any two year old is to narrow down toys.  What I mean is: if the shape sorter like the one below brings two of each shape, only put out one of each shape.  Once they have mastered that, then put two of each shape.

There is so much language with this toy.  Color, shape, in, out, give me.  This is not a Montessori Toy and most of our toys are not. 

These are the stacking cups.  This particular set comes with 11 or 12 cups.  I only put 4 or 5 out at a time.
 This Leap Frog Toy comes with all of the letters of the alphabet.  Here I put out the vowels.  But now with the speech therapist we are working on certain sounds so I pulled the letters just for those. 

These Arthur books have tabs to open.  Excellent work for big boy.   He LOVES LOVES books.  It is the sweetest thing.  He will sit and look at books for very long periods of time.  He will also sit and listen to me read 4 or 5 board books.

Big Boy loves music.  Music is always out. 

This changes.  Currently transportation! Vroom Vroom!

 Other works I put out for Big Boy:
1. Baskets of items of the same color
2. Bowls and cups with tops to match
3. Discovery basket - random items with different textures for him to discover
4. Always have balls out of different sizes.
5. The playschool farm
6. Puzzles
7. Plastic zoo animals

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Karen said...

Soooo Glad to heard from you!!! I missed you!!! How are you?? and the kids?? I love this post!! lots of good ideas on Toddler activities!! You need to post a recent photo of the kiddos!! Once again so happy you're back!!! You friend on distance and #1 cheerleader!!!!

Hugs and kisses!!