Friday, July 13, 2012

Ice Skating and Swim Team

This summer the kids are taking ice skating lessons and participating in our local swim team.
It gets so hot in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that we have to participate in activities that keep us cool!

They both absolutely LOVE these sports and wish to continue. If I only had a personal driver for them!

Here are a few pictures.

PS- My first post with Blogger App. I hope this is my solution to post easily.


Olives and Pickles said...

Awesome! Keep the good job with your wonderful three kids!
Love to see the pictures.

Karen said...

Great!! Me encanta!! En esas ando yo tambien, buscando algo para mi princesa grande!! Necesitamos mas actividad fisica!!!lol Gracias por publicar!!

Gigi said...

Thank you Ladies! I am happy to be able to post again. Blogger on my iPhone is fantastic.
One thing I did not put on here is that with ice skating lessons the kids get to skate free any time. That sold me!