Saturday, April 11, 2009

Geometry Training: Geometry Stick Box

The child gets the opportunity to construct and explore the geometric nomenclature using the Geometry Stick Box. This geometry stick box is something you can easily create on your own and if you are homeschooling you do not need so many sticks.

There is a self healing board and a box that is divided into 12 sections.
10 Sections - Colored Sticks. Each set of sticks has a different length and different color.
2cm-brown 12cm - light brown
4cm-purple 14cm- pea green
6cm-orange 16cm - pink
8cm-red 18cm - blue
10cm-black 20cm-yellow

The colors are arbitrary and have no connection to the bead bars. There is one hole at each end of the stick. These measurements are from one hole to the other. Two or three sticks within each set have holes all along the stick, rather than just at the ends.

Additionally, this box contains sticks of natural wood that is used in upper elementary for hypotenuse work, thumb tacks, brads, and measuring angles.
There is also a few other items in there that are not used in lower elementary geometry.

This yellow and red triangle is a measuring angle that comes in the box.


aly in va said...

I hadn't seen this particular work before. I love that they are encouraged to build the angles, etc. themselves and wish I had been taught that way. Thanks for posting about it.

Ms.Mejia said...

I'm currently making my own geometric stick box. I just finished making the geometry cabinet.

Gigi said...

That's awesome!