Friday, July 31, 2009

Primary Training Presentation - Butterflies!!!

Another Primary Student's Final Presentation! To see all of the Primary Student's Presentations, click on the Primary Training label.

Each student had one or two tables setup with Math, Sensorial, Language and Practical Life activities they created with one theme or culture running through the activities. This is all about Butterflies!!!

Above: on the pink containers there is butterfly clothe pins. Then there is a butterfly lacing activity and finally a cute butterfly cutting board with a spreading activity.

Above: This picture is just to show the variety of books she chose on butterflies.

Above: The activities with the picture cards and arrow labels are for labeling the pictures. To the right there is a big red butterfly picture. She has made these in different colors for matching. So, there will be two red with blue dots for matching.

Above: In this picture notice the dark red to light red butterflies. These are like the color box activity. The child places the butterflies in order from darker to lightest. You have the loose butterflies to put in order and then the cards for the students to check their work.
Under that there is a box with lots of pieces of materials for a sensorial activity.

Art Activity with the children's hand and feet prints!

Above: Sorting Activity, Playdough with butterfly cookie cutters, and paper punch outs.

Don't you want your kids in this classroom!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Primary Training - Africa

This is another student's work in the Montessori Primary Training at the training center where I am working on my Montessori Elementary training. Read more about it in this post. Primary Training - Gardening

Friday, July 24, 2009

Details on the works on Shelf #1

I was out of town again. This time I was at a conference. Hubby purchased a new cord to download pictures! These are some pictures I took before we went on our trips. I took pictures of some of the activities on the shelf and the kids working with them.


I got this idea from my training. I took a flag and cut it into pieces so that my son could put it back together correctly. I thought this was going to be easy. I was very wrong. He really has to pay attention to the color of the stripe to begin with and also the rest of the stripes.


A very popular work. After working on these, we worked on sewing using felt pieces with a real needle. The children quickly learned how sharp they are! They cannot sew on their own yet. I sit with them for real sewing. I will do something very simple as a small circle or straight line or square. I will trace the pattern on the felt so we can follow it. We may spend maybe 10 minutes each sewing session.


These beads have letters on them. Bella and I worked on how to spell her name with the beads and then made a bracelet.


Bella LOVED this work. I also loved to listen to her as she figured out what came first, second, third. Lots of language here to describe what is happening. I was given these cards by Sweet Boys teacher along with all of the other materials she gave me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New August Work - By the Sea

We gathered lots of sea shells while on our trips. Here I have divided them by porous, smooth, light colored and dark colored shells. The kids really love to look at these with the magnifying glass.

I found lots of learning cards at the dollar section of Target. One of these was US Animals. I purchased two packets for matching. I just pulled out sea animals for matching, Bella enjoys doing this. On the back of each there is information about each animal which Sweet Boy enjoys to hear about.

Here I pulled real pictures from the Internet of sea animals that matched the plastic sea animals for the kids to match. When I showed it to them we went over the names. I will be adding the Spanish and English names for Sweet Boy to match. I sent the pictures to Walgreens for printing so the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I used google picture search and chose to view only Large pictures. The large pictures are great quality for processing.

We are planning a trip to the local aquarium this month and I can't wait to hear them talking about the fish using their proper names!

Another activity that I did not take a picture of is the game Go Fish. I purchased the cards for a $1 but I can't remember where I got them. Any how, they are very cute. They have different fish on them so it is another chance for us to get to know their proper names!

Our Learning Room

I have lost the cord to download pictures from our camera so the Puerto Rico pictures are trapped!! I have to remember to go buy one this week.

These are pictures of what our learning room looks like lately. Our learning room is in the dinning room.

Below are two pictures of the entire room.

The following pictures are pictures from the left side of the room.

Above shows a picture of how I have changed the art materials. They are now in this cabinet. The kids are able to open this on their own but I keep it open when we are at home so they don't forget the materials are there. I'm not sure I'll keep it this way. I'm testing out to see how much things get used in here vs on an open shelf.

Below we start looking at the right side of the room.

I love having our learning room in the dinning room because it is between the kitchen and living room, the two places we live in most. This means that the kids use this room a lot. It is used morning, afternoon, and night. Their play room is around the corner which I also love because again it is close to the areas we live in most.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We are Back but very sick

We returned from Puerto Rico two days ago but have just been laying around without much energy or desire to do anything. We all caught a very bad bug with flu like symptoms. My husband got sick first and then the kids and I fell ill the same day. I am pretty sure he caught the bug at the airport or plane. This always happens to us when we fly.

The first part of our trip was terrific, the second half we spent it sick. I'll post pictures when I find my camera!