Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That is not how my teacher does it!

I have presented the geometric solids (video presentation), red rods and constructive triangles to my children. They have had these presentations at their schools already but I wanted to present them also since I purchased the materials and they will be on our shelves. The funny thing is that as I present they tell me how their teacher did it and they teach me a thing or two!!

The only problem is when they say “No, that is not how you do it. My teacher does it this way!”. This can get frustrating when I have something new to show them. For example: I showed the kids a game with the geometric solids where they close their eyes and name the solids by just feeling them. Well, at first my son said “no, we don’t do that at school. We can’t do that”. So, I had to tell him that I had seen this game in Bella’s classroom and basically gently convince him that it was OK. This is going to happen a lot so I better get used to it…

Bella doing the red rods. She stopped after the fourth rod.

Hmm, how is this go again?

When I presented the red rods to Bella she asked her brother to help her do the maze. Sweet boy had forgotten so I quickly googled it on my iPhone, showed them a picture and they figured it out!

The three of us walked the maze! I really love how this works on balance. Bella has a difficult time doing it since she is so hyper. She has to slow down which is difficult for her but she loved it and tried it many times.

We have been on vacation but we will get back to work when we return!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet Baby Pictures!

My sweet little man is 2 1/2 months old.

I love this little boy sooo much. I look at him and I can see that he knows who I am.
When we talk to him he will talk to us with his first sounds: acoo and ooh! He is smiling, laughed once and is rolling over!! Every milestone is so special.

And his brother and sister are CRAZY about him!
The first thing in the morning they ask for is their sweet baby brother!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Dad

Opening Day of the Texas Rangers.
It is a family tradition for us to go. This is the first year in 10 years that I do not attend.

Here are some pictures of when my Dad came to town. My Dad lives in Puerto Rico. This is where I lived until the age of 11. I scheduled him to come in two weeks before the baby was due. Well, Andres decided to show up early and Dad arrived the day I was leaving the hospital. He was very disappointed because he wanted to see me and my belly, get to go out, and be there for the action! He said he wanted to enjoy me. Pero Dios sabe lo que hace! But God knows what he does!

Dad was such a HUGE help. Wow! God love him.
He is such a logical, patient, calm and loving person.
He drove me and Andres to our many Dr.'s appointments and took care of the kiddos when they arrived from school.
He was also here to sit with me and talk while it was just him, Andres and I.
To sit and have our coffee which we LOVE so much.
To hear my stories and remind me how things are just they way they are suppose to be.
To comfort me when I cried...
I wish I could have my Dad close to me.
I miss him.

Happy Father's Day Papi!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What we have been up to!

Arts and Craft

From Michael's.

Sweet boy has been doing addition work on his own. He says "I am going to do plusses"! He has been writing math facts and adding on a play cash register we have. Bella tries to do everything her brother does so she takes his work and traces over the numbers!


Bella is always asking for "Homework Mommy!"

Beginning sounds, r, p, s, i.

Beginning sounds c, m, a, t
Some of these small items came from the kids lego, barbie, and playmobil items. They do not like me taking their little toys. When Bella took out the little items she said
"NO, my barbie toys. You can't use these!!"

Physical Education!

Pump it Up
Open jumping days.

Our next door neighbor lets us use their pool while they work!
Great neighbors!!


Looking for bugs in the backyard. Add binoculars and it is a huge hit!
Here the kids have little bug nets and containers to put their bugs in.

Making fossils with plastic bugs and play dough.

Sweet Boy asked how does a spider make a web. I went online and found this video that answered his question! Lately he has been asking LOTS of what and how questions so I am on the Internet ALL of the time looking for answers!

This work from last year has been popular.

I purchased sea animals at Target last year and found real pictures of the sea animals on-line and had them printed at Walgreens. Bella names them and matches them. I have labels for Sweet Boy to read and add to the work.

So much fun!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Talking Microscope

I love this Microscope. Sweet boy had been asking for a Microscope so I thought I would start with this $40 Microscope from Mardel, a teacher and Christian store. It is called GeoSafari Talking Microscope

The Microscope comes with slides of bugs. The slides have a code the kids enter and the microscope tells them all about the bug. It then has quizzes. They love this microscope and we have learned so much about bugs!

You can also put anything under it to see it 5 times its size. We looked at leaves and flower petals to look under the scope.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sweet Boy has really been getting into sewing! These are felt sewing kits with little holes that came from Michael's. Sweet boy was not able to do this last year but can do it now. It is difficult because the felt is soft and adds a little challenge. Bella cannot do this work.

Here is the heart finished. He said he made the heart pillow for his baby brother! I did not help him stuff it or finish it off. I only helped when he got the string tangled up! I do have to add that he did get frustrated a few times and I just helped him see how he could untangle or go back if he messed up.

Here is Bella doing sewing cards. I got these princes sewing cards at a garage sale. They are made out of cardboard. Much easier for her.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What great resources!!

I was so excited to have found these resource today that I had to share right away!

1. Goldmark Montessori
Contains all free materials to download.

2. The Prepared Environment
$1 and $2 downloads!

Mrs. Reid from Montessori Ponderings posted about them here and here.