Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last Day of School- Big Boy

Here is big boy on his last day of school.
The kids had a party with pizza and a bounce house.  I can't begin to explain the love he has for school.  There is pure pleasure when we say. "school!"

There he is in the orange shirt.  I forgot to put on his spirit shirt. :)

I love his toddler Montessori classroom.  It is just perfect.  I need to take a picture of their little toilet and sink, the area where they put their dishes, the entry area where they change their shoes, etc.  I will do that soon.

Big boy is so independent.  I love his guide and all of the assistants.  There is one guide and two assistants.  
Hope you are having a wonderful summer, if it is summer in your part of the world!

Summer Vacation

We are enjoying our summer vacation with my husband's family in South Padre Island, Texas.
Kids are wishing we could live here and so do I!  The weather is so pleasant compared to Dallas/FtWorth.

Digging a hole.

Here is big boy trying to climb to get in the carousel ride.