Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby is Standing and Signing!

Sweet Baby is standing!  He is now 17 months.  He will stand for long periods of time and play while holding on.  He has pulled to a stand but I have yet to see it!  He does pull up to stand from a sitting position.  We just went last week to get him orthopedic shoe inserts that help children with low muscle tone get the ankle support they will need so they do not turn in their feet when standing or walking.


I was saying with a high voice "look at you, sweet boy!"  I was all excited which got him to start laughing!

This is the most delicious baby EVER!  I can't begin to explain how sweet, how snugly, how happy he is ALL the time.

He is now also starting to use his hands to communicate with us.  We are teaching him sign language and he is doing a great job picking it up.  I teach him different finger plays and songs with the use of our hands and body.  He will now ask for "itsy bitsy spider" by doing the spider part.  He knows milk, more, food, and give me.  He has also started to say the word "bye," which is so exciting to hear.