Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lego's, Organizing and Building!

My son told me this summer he wanted more lego sets.  He said he was "bored"!  I told him if he re-built all of the Lego sets he already has that I would buy him more.  WEEELLLL, my husband and him with a little help from Bella got to work and they built many of the sets.  Not ALL but many!  He said to me "Wow, I did not realize I had so many!"  Yes, well, I DID!

Here is a picture of how we organized Sweet Boys Lego's a few years back.  Organizing by Color makes re-building from instructions super easy.  The little red box contains the little people and accessories (swards, animals, treasure boxes, etc...)  This allowed Sweet Boy to easily find all those little people and little things for them.  Sweet Boy loves this system for building but not so much for sorting.  We all pitch in to help him sort back out once in a while when he has built all kinds of stuff and is ready to break it all apart. 


Nicole said...

We are HUGE Lego fans here! My older son played with them till he was 15, and my two younger boys play with them daily. They are such a wonderful toy. :)

Karen said...

I love your new header!!!! LOVELY!! You should give me some coaching on Organization 101!!!!lol Super!!

Gigi said...

Organizing is so much fun! Wish sweet boy felt the same!! :)