Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 10th Aniversary of my 30th Birthday!

Well, I turned 40 a month ago.  My  husband threw me a big party and called it the 10th anniversary of my 30th birthday!! 
Notice the cake says "Happy 10th Anniversary"!

Thank you my sweet love for a great birthday!

My sweet love!

And for a challenge I started P90x workout program.  Have you heard of it?  Yes, it is pretty popular.  I bought it used from a friend and started right away.   I am two weeks from graduating from the program!  I was not in great shape when I started so I plan on doing it again.  The program is for 90 days and I really love it.  It is so great for me because I just do not have the time to go to a gym.  I don't like the daycare at gym's and since I am hardly ever without one child or another, gym's just do not work out for me.

I did not think I would like doing DVD's at home but I actually enjoy it because it is something different every day.  I also have some friends that are my virtual workout buddies (we text each other when we workout, how we did, and basically motivate one another if we are not feeling like working out that day!)

So my goal is to be fit by end of year!  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Update

Sweet Baby is Crawling and Pulling up to his knees!! He is doing amazing.  He is now 15 months.   He is doing lots Blabbing, Loves Books, swimming and is exploring EVERYTHING!  

Playing with the tops to the glassware.

Tasting ice cream for the first time!  Not very sure about it!

He loves to swing.

He loves to observe our guinea pig.

Putting the cylinder in the box.

Getting the cylinder out.

Opening the drawers and getting out the blocks and putting them back in.

At crawling class!  He has crawling down now and is working on pulling up to a stand now.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Montessori Training Resumed and Teaching

I went back to finish my Elementary Montessori Training! I had a class in June and will have another class in July. I am almost done!! It feels GREAT to be back. I have also been teaching in a Montessori age 3-6 classroom half days for the summer and REALLY loving it! The co-teacher I am with is AMAZING. I am learning so much from her. I have asked the school to see if they have anything part-time for me in the fall. If not, I will at least sub for them so I can be in the classroom learning until I am able to do my internship.