Sunday, February 8, 2009

Phonics Swap

I participated in Jojo's first swap of the year. A phonics miniatures swap. When I received my swap partners packages I told my kids that I had a Spanish work that just arrived from....and the place it came from. I was very excited so they were excited also. We opened them together and named all of the objects in Spanish. These miniature items are for my home. My purpose is 1. to make sure my children know what the name of the items are in Spanish 2. create sound boxes.

As I started to write earlier today my son helped me out! He took the pictures and helped me to name the objects so I could type them here. If I forgot to say the objects name in Spanish, he would ask me "What is it in Spanish?". It is funny how he now knows this is the "Spanish Work"! I also took the opportunity to show him how I looked up the words to make sure I had proper spelling and punctuation and if I did not know the word in Spanish I showed him how I used a translator.

The following is my package from P.S. Montessori. A third year Primary Montessori teacher in the DC public school system. The igloo is hand made. The nest egg was mine and my kids favorite! Thank you!

1. la manzana - apple
2. el lazo - bow
3. la pinza - clothespin
4. el huevo - egg
5. el pez - fish
6. el tiesto - flowerpot
7. el corazón, - heart
8. el iglú - igloo
9. el nido - nest
10. la tortuga - turtle

This is the package from What DID we do all Day? A homeschool mom of two boys.
The grapes are definitely our favorite!! Thank you so much!

1. la pinza - clothespin
2. la
brújula - compass
3. el doctor - doctor
4. el
bombero - fireman
5. las uvas - grapes
6. el angel - angel
7. el venado - deer
8. el globo de nieve - snowglobe
9. el
árbol - tree
10. la nuez - walnut

Along with the miniature items, "What we DID All Day" also sent a nice letter with information about her children and pictures of them in the snow!! My kids loved to see all of that snow. We do not get any snow in our neck of the woods! Also included were homemade post cards. "P.S. Montessori" also sent some great homemade postcards of The White House and Washington, DC".


Mozi Esme said...

What a fun idea!

zebaby said...

Do you have any recommendations on phonetic books in spanish? My son is ready to read some simple, short words in spanish, but I have been having a hard time finding early readers in spanish (other than La Pata Pita) that aren't translations of english readers. Any advice would be appreciated!