Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love Spanish!

There are days my children say "NO SPANISH" and days they ask for it. I follow the child even though my heart breaks when they say "No Spanish" or "I don't like Spanish". There are days I panic and think my children will grow up and not be able to speak, understand and read Spanish. I am the type of person that worries A LOT. I am highly stressed out even when there is nothing to be stressed out about. I like to be on time, do a good job, and take care of everything myself....this all stresses me out! So, the task of teaching my children Spanish has at times overwhelmed me.

This past Sunday I was elated when my son took this work out all on his own and got excited about it. He wanted to match the words to the objects and he wanted to spell them all out! It was so wonderful. These are the days I love!

My Bella who is three years old loves to get in the way of his work but I finally got her attention on a box of objects I have just for her (you can see those in the background of the picture) to name, play iSpy and she also worked with cards and counters.

By the way, she is not able to do it on her own. So, this week I will be making her one with the numbers in order attached to a poster board and sticker dots under each one so she knows how many to put under each number. So, one will have one dot under it. Two, will have two dots, Three, three dots, etc... She then can put the rocks on each dot.

Here is the cards and counters lesson I found online.

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easylivingsally said...

Thanks for the link. It is a great little activity. My son picked up a bunch a pebbles from the play ground today. They will work great with the activity. I think we'll spend some time this weekend to make the number cards.