Saturday, May 30, 2009

Introducing Fractions

Fraction: Latin - 'Frangere' - means to break or to divide.

The concept of fractions can be introduced by first dividing an apple into
1) two equal parts - each part is one half
2) four equal parts - each part is one-fourth
An apple is a unit. Once we have cut the apple it is no longer a unit. Children are familiar with units because of the unit beads.

Now we can pull out the whole circle inset and show them a Unit, then the half circle inset and then the four circle inset. Show that when we divided into fractions, each share MUST be equal.

Lesson #2

Show two unequal parts by cutting a paper circle into very obvious two unequal parts. The two parts are not equal to each other. They are not halves. They are not fractions. A fraction is a whole divided into equal parts.

Here is a few places we use fractions in our daily lives:
1. The clock
2. Measuring liquids
3. Measuring Length and Width
4. Weight Measures

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