Friday, September 11, 2009

Materials came in!

I ordered from Adena Montessori and received my order in 6 working days.

I ordered the following.
Lower Case Sandpaper Letters, Cursive
Small D Nelian Moveable Alphabet
9 golden Bead Bars of Ten
Color Bead Stair
Hundred Board

I received everything in good condition except for the Hundred Board. It was not in my box. The shipping print out did not say that it was in back order but after I e-mailed them, they said it was in back order and would not come in until October or November. They said I could get a refund if I wanted. I have asked for a different item with equal cost.

Also, the 'y' sandpaper letter was on a blue tablet like the vowels. Is this suppose to be this way? I just got through looking at those closely and noticed that.


jojoebi said...

I think the y is often blue because it is that odd letter than sometimes acts like a vowel. In words such as 'fly' we are taught that words always have a vowel but then some words don't! English is a stupid language LOL.

Annicles said...

Our sandpaper letters include a red and a blue Y.

I look forward to seeing the materials on your shelves!

Gigi said...

Thank you for the explanation. I do see that we have one blue and one pink!