Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Purchasing/Making Materials

I finally made a purchase I should have made months ago.

My children's school actually encourage the parents to buy some materials and work with the kids at home. They gave us information on how to present the material. For example: the sandpaper letters. They told us the order they present it and how we should present it. They say to pull the letters out when we are going to work with the kids instead of leaving them out since they will see them all of the time at school. It will feel special to work with a parent on these. They stress how not to force the child to work on it and stop when the child wants to stop. They also suggested a Montessori book with games to play with the kids that re-enforce what they are learning at school. I can't remember the name of the book.

We also received a little book titled "The Pink What?" A quick reference guide to Montessori materials. Very helpful for parents not familiar with Montessori or the materials they see in the classroom. Another great thing they are doing is a Saturday morning exploration day in the classrooms. You get to explore the works on the shelves from Primary to 8th grade.

So here is what I purchased from Adena Montessori:

Lower Case Sandpaper Letters, Cursive
Small D Nelian Moveable Alphabet
9 golden Bead Bars of Ten to use with the Tens and Teens Board (I will purchased the single beads at the local store)
Color Bead Stair
Hundred Board

I'm very excited about my purchase. I know the kids will love these items

Here are works I am working on making:

Tens and Teens Boards (need to print and cut)
Fall-Thanksgiving Matching Cards (need to print and cut)
Initial Sound Cards (English and Spanish) (need to make)
Season Clothing Sorting Cards (Spanish) (done)
Pink Green and Blue Cards (English) (need to print and cut)
Action Words (Spanish) (need cutting)
Grammar Box 1 (print and cut)

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My Boys' Teacher said...

Hi Gigi!

I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of that "The Pink What?" book for ages. Is there any information on it anywhere that says where I could get one?