Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spanish this week

My son has not been wanting to do any Spanish work lately and for that matter English either. He brings home from school little books to read in English and refuses to do read them. After me working at it, he sits with me and actually does pretty well but it is hard to get him to actually do it.

Any how, I'll talk about our Spanish. He has been very negative about it and I do not push it. I just try to find ways that he likes to learn Spanish. In my last post I told you about the blog Homeschool Creations. So, I tried the crafts as a way for us to speak Spanish and at the same time work on the letters for Bella. He really loved the letter crafts.

I also got some Spanish materials from my Mom who works in Foreign Languages in our school district. They had a lot of materials they were going to get rid of so she brought them to me. In there, there were transparencies which are not used any more because of SMART boards and computers. The transparencies had things like At the toy store, At the supermarket, etc... Sweet Boy loved us talking about those in Spanish and answering questions about them. You know that made me happy! He wanted to go through ALL of the transparencies!!

Bella on the other hand asks me to work on Spanish! She seems to really like learning the language. It also might be that she is three years old. Sweet boy does not feel the need for it.

Here is a picture of our crafts. I say ours because I cut everything out!!

C - Cangrejo - Crab
D - Dinosaurio - Dinosaur
O- Oruga (Bella's Oruga, not finished)


Tati said...

It's great you are making the effort even if he resists! Having them feel the need to speak is the best way, but it's so hard sometimes to find ways that they feel they need to speak! Good luck! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Adriana said...

It must be frustrating for you! Does you son have any Spanish-only speaking friends? I know that that is a HUGE motivation for D to speak Spanish!