Saturday, October 23, 2010

Decorating for Fall

My favorite season!  
The kids love October because they get to dig through all the fall and Halloween decorations and help decorate!  I love Fall because of the beautiful colors, the cooler weather, leaves falling, the pumpkins, and mums.  Ahhhh!!

After the house is decorated I then sprinkle Fall and it's beautiful colors in our school.
Leaf shape sponges from Michael's.

Play-Doh with Halloween and Fall cookie cut outs

For making cards.  The kids get a piece of construction paper decorate their card and write to and from.
They have made several cards for Grandma and Daddy!

For tracing and coloring

Necklace Work

Stamp on the tree, color and add leaves!

Cards and Counters

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Small, Medium, Large cards.
Look at the very bottom of this link for Halloween Cutting Skill Pages
This link has lots of great cutting skills pages.


izzy said...

I love providing the stamp activities for my preschoolers too!

Karen said...

Que bello!! me encanta todito!!! en especial los moldes para la play-doh, las calabazas blancas!! bellas .... por aca tambien decoramos alguito (solo de Harvest!!)