Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Organizing our busy life *Part two: The calendar

Part One - The mail
Part Two - The calendar
Part Three - The home management notebook (coming soon)
Part Four - The teachers notebook and my planner (coming soon)
Part Five - Our finances (coming soon)

This simple calendar system was conceived the day my husband and I both had separate events the same evening and no babysitter.

I will first tell you about my situation. Your situation may look different so you may need a different system.

I am the person in our household who arranges all school pickups, school drop offs, therapies, doctor appointments, after school activities and sitters. My husband schedules baseball.

My husband and I are teachers so our lives are very busy and without wiggle room August trough May. We have three school calendars: my husbands from xyz school district, my kids from their private school and mine from the city college.

In May I purchase this wall calendar. It runs July to June.  It lives on the refrigerator. You can purchase these at any office supply store, Target or Wal-Mart.  Size 81/2 by 11.

I transfer ALL dates from the three school calendars to this calendar.

Since I also participate in 4+ committees at work and I am President of a local organization
I transfer the dates to my personal planner so that when I am in a meeting I can see what I have going on.

The calendar on the refrigerator is used for the following reasons:

1. So my husband and I know when there are before and after school commitments. Example: if the youngest has a therapy session at 8am then my husband will need to take the kids to school. If I see he has parent conferences on a Monday night then I need to take my oldest son to baseball or have him go with a friend.

2. All of my youngest son's therapies and everyone's doctors appointments are penciled in here.

3. Carpool schedule is here.

4. Weekend activities are here.

5. All of my work commitments are in my planner and only placed on the refrigerator calendar if it means that I will need a sitter or if it means that I will not be able to transport the kids or I will be out of town.

6. PTA commitments are here.

My husband uses a planner and his iPhone to set appointments and reminders.

I have thought about using google calendar but I like the feel of a physical calendar. I also benefit from looking at the refrigerator every morning and night.

Well, that is all for my calendar system. How do you set up your families calendar system?


María said...

Gigi, qué organización! Fantástico!Qué buenas ideas, gracias

Gigi said...

Gracias Maria! Espero que estas ideas te ayuden.