Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet Boy and Bella Update!

I started this post over a month ago!   I finally got all of my pictures moved over to this computer and can finish up this post!

Bella is growing up so fast.  I can see how her language is changing, how she is maturing, and how her baby talk has gone away. 
Bella wakes up in the morning and gets herself ready and makes her bed.  She loves to do her chores.  I hope this does not change!

Sweet Boy keeps being the role model and Bella wants to do what her brother does.  We tell Sweet Boy how he is the role model and he takes his job of teaching his sister seriously (most of the time!).

Both kids really love school and their teachers. 

Here are a few pictures of the kids at school.

Kindergarten Graduation!  Bella is now a 1st Level.  How fast they grow!

Chasing chickens at school!  I don't think she was suppose to let the chicken out!

Sweet Boy is participating in Boys Scouts

Isabela is a Daisy!

Both kids have started Piano lessons.

Bella is still dancing!

Sweet Boy is still loving baseball and on a team.

The kids just got out of school today and I am done teaching so I hope to make time for posting.  I will be finishing up my Montessori Elementary training over the summer but other than that we will be home all summer!


My Boys' Teacher said...

Ha! I have a similar photo of Kal-El from last week when he let out a dog he shouldn't have ;)

María said...

Qué bueno saber de ustedes, los niños crecen tan rápido, los adultos nos quedamos igualitos. Aprovecha tu tiempo libre con tus hijos.
Déjanos saber que cosas interesantes aprendes en tu curso.
María, desde una soleada Suecia

Karen said...

Que bellos!!!! me encantan las fotos!! Estan tan grandes!!! ciertamente crecen muy rapido!! Que rico verlos y saber de ti!!!