Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Days of the Week and Months of the Year

Los días de la Semana y los meses del año

I have finally started on working on some new materials for the kids. I have lots of works printed but just had not had the energy to work on them.

Here is the inside of the folder that holds the days of the week work.
To add easy self-correction,
you can change the color of the letters of these so that the English Day matches the Spanish Day.
So Monday and lunes could be Red, Tuesday and martes could be blue, etc...

Here is the front of the folder. Glued to the front is the control card.

Months of the Year
I got these from Montessori Materials.

And here is where I keep folder work. We have a very limited amount of space for our school work so this works great!

I have these big flash cards on the shelf which contain the Spanish alphabet with a picture with each letter. I have all of these out on the shelf. The kids grab them and we play a game with them. With Bella, she lays them all out and I say "Where is the Bee?" "Donde esta la abeja?" and she finds the card. She will also try to find by the sound the letter makes. She grabs the card and says the letter sound. Bella is starting to understand and remember the differences between the sounds in Spanish and English. For example, the J makes an H sound. The H is silent in Spanish.
Sweet boy goes through them and tells me what they are. If Bella knows what it is, she grabs the card and tells me before I ask her.


Tati said...

Where did you get the cute flashcards for learning letters in Spanish?

Julia said...

These look awesome! Would love to know where they can be acquired to use in my Spanish class!

Gigi said...

Julia, i got it here under the TIME section!

Adriana C. said...

Donde se pueden adquirir las tarjetas del alfabeto. Son muy lindas, especiales para el aprendizaje del alfabeto. gracias.